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Beginnings. 1988 - 1999


I first met my desire for art when I was 9 years old when I wanted to study harmonica.
I enrolled in the elementary classic school for music in Tetovo, Yugoslavia, Republic of Macedonia.

Furthermore, I wanted to be a ragtime pianist. But somehow I could not learn classical compositions, I wanted to improvise. I loved jazz.

I unsubscribed. Later, when I went to the cinema, I always looked at the projector, and it was a phenomenon to me that this frame after frame produces a movie or an animation. So I tried to do some improvisations with a shoebox and a battery projection on the wall.

Around the age of 14, I regularly visited my uncle Bosco, whom I named Balthazar after the main hero of the Croatian cartoon.
Balthazar was a weirdo who could do anything. So my uncle used a washing machine to make a lawn mower.

Simply a typical autodidact. I went to visit him one day...
He lived in a dilapidated old house made of mud and straw.
My uncle was sitting and painting a picture on canvas on an easel. I asked him why are you painting? He answered me, well I have no pictures on the wall...
I asked him if I could try oil paints on canvas.
I tried and immediately fell in love. Furthermore, I began to actively explore Rembrandt. There was a book by Rembrandt with all the reproductions from the Hermitage Museum and even with X-rays. I studied and stared at that book for days. At 16 and 17 I made the first more serious oils on canvas. Still life and portrait.
I received an award at a national exhibition for amateurs.
Immediately after that I enrolled in a high school in Skopje Macedonia.
Today I am 49 years old and art is still a top activity and the greatest luxury for the spirit.


Aleksandar Spasoski

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